“Instrumental bands typically showcase the guitar or another lead instrument, but in Movie Club’s case, Violet’s drumming and stage presence are as fierce as Cuneo’s moody swamp-creature leads.” - The Argonaut

“Hammerhead is superlative, full of uncooked growling push, yummy surf-rock flavors, and potent rhythms, signifying Movie Club’s irresistible musical evolution.” –

“From growling guitar tones to raw-stick rim shots, the minimalist duo Movie Club make it clear they’re out to tap into the gooey marrow of instrumental rock & roll.” - Music Connection Magazine

“Together they create a sound that doesn’t require lyrics. Movie Club’s finesse creates creative space in the listener’s mind; it is more than pure entertainment.” – The Local Music

“The band’s music fuses instrumental savors of funk with surf rock and garage rock into a sound reminiscent of The Ventures combined with Jack White.” -

“The soundscape practically oozes sun-soaked vibrant fever.” - ANR Factory